…and it just keeps on getting better. —Feeling grateful. :-)


On April 18, 2015, The Chesterfield Philharmonic Choir, UK, will perform my setting of Psalm 84.

My choral arrangement of BEAU SOIR by Claude Debussy was used by the Armstrong Choirs! :-)


My choral arrangement of BEAU SOIR by Claude Debussy was used in the American Choral Directors Association of Minnesota’s Choral Arts Finale! :-)


My choral arrangement of BEAU SOIR by Claude Debussy is being used this summer at a choral music workshop in Hungary! :-)


Just completed: PRELUDE AND FUGHETTA for alto flute and organ commissioned by Peter Sheridan. Recording expected on the MOVE Records label in 2016 and likely publication by ECS Publishing.


ARIRANG VARIATIONS for two bass flutes will receive its premiere performance on a program in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on Sunday April 12, 2015 at 8 PM. The bass flute players will be Peter Sheridan and Judy Diez d’Aux. The concert is being sponsored by by the Toronto-based music organization Flute Street. A link to this event appears directly below.


ARIRANG VARIATIONS will subsequently be recorded in October of 2015 at the recording studio of Move Records in Australia for release on their label on a CD along with other works of Peter Sheridan’s choosing.

For more information on the artists, please visit these websites.

Peter Sheridan

Judy Diez d’Aux

Stanley M. Hoffman

ARIRANG VARIATIONS for two bass flutes completed for Peter Sheridan (www.lowflutes.com). Even a blizzard can have an upside. Onto my next projects…


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