World renowned guitarist Aaron Larget-Caplan will premiere Naomi’s Lullaby transcribed for guitar solo in 2016.
Here is a link to the version for oboe and piano.

Published on YouTube Jan 12, 2016

“The Salt Lake Vocal Artists perform “Beau Soir” by Claude Debussy, arranged by Stanley Hoffman, live in concert on June 10, 2015 in the Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst museum of modern art in Aachen, Germany, under the direction of Dr. Brady Allred. Piano: Laurel Palmer”

My composer copies of the DREAMTIME CD arrived from the Zodiac Trio today! 😎

Completed January 8, 2016: “When I Find God” for SATB chorus (divisi) unaccompanied; words by Diane Weber Bederman​ from “Back to the Ethic: Reclaiming Western Values (Mantua Books, 2015.)


My composition, “O Absalom” (TTBB) just went under contract with ECS Publishing today for publication and recording in Spring 2016, and promotion in Fall 2016.
“When David heard that his son had died, he was deeply moved. He went up to the chamber over the gate and wept. As he wept, he said, ‘O my son Absalom, my son, my son Absalom! Would I had died instead of you, O Absalom, my son, my son!'” 2 Samuel 18:33 (KJV) Adapted by yours truly. 

The form of this piece consists of three dirges and a thrice-repeated refrain. The grief-driven text is itself repetitive which inspired similar musical treatment. The first dirge for tenor solo or unison tenor 1 section, represents the lone voice of the bereaved father, King David, calling out in realization upon hearing the news of the loss of his son (refrain). Dirge #2 is imitative in nature, inspired by the image of King David moving through the cavernous passageways of his palace, his lamenting voice echoing throughout; one could similarly imagine his forlorn thoughts echoing around his mind (refrain). The third dirge is homophonic, chorale-like: the king in his chamber over the gate, still inconsolable; one could similarly think of this as a chorale in memory of Absalom himself (refrain).

Peter Sheridan ( and Judy Diez d’Aux ( recorded ARIRANG VARIATIONS performed on two bass flutes for MOVE Records ( The release date of the CD has yet to be announced. They also performed it in New South Wales. This piece is available for sale from ECS Publishing as Catalog No. 7.0663 (
Ocho entered The 51st Biddulph and Moorlands Music Festival Vocal Ensemble Competition last Saturday. They sang two works and my setting of Yih’yu l’ratson, which has become part of their repertoire, was one of them. Ocho won the competition.  :-) !

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