The Abject Stupidity of Politicized Religious Movements and Houses of Worship

November 18, 2020


Common sense dictates that religious movements and their respective houses of worship should be politically neutral. By choosing sides, they risk alienating a large number of potential congregants and donors. Most liberal branches of Judaism and Christianity today prefer to follow politically leftist trends, to be “woke.” This is to their financial detriment. Choosing not to be welcoming to both politically conservative and liberal people is both a bad business model and a hypocritical way to treat current and potential congregants and donors. Thus, objectively speaking, in these increasingly politically polarized times, this is a stupid way for these institutions to operate because they are not reaping all of the potential membership and financial rewards that political neutrality offers.

This topic is so vast and complex that dealing with it in depth would require writing a book. Since an article is what is desired, the skeletal components of this topic will be exposed, analyzed, and documented by embedded links. This article will cover mainly Judaism and Christianity. Discussion of other religions will be relatively limited in scope.

The First Amendment

The First Amendment is under attack by the left in all aspects of life including Freedom of Religion and the predominant Christian American way of life. Anti-Semitism has also gotten so bad in the Democrat Party that Jews who refuse to remain willfully ignorant about it have formed the organization JexitUSA to promote a Jewish exodus from it. The affection that President Trump and his Republican colleagues have for the welfare of the Jewish people in America and in Israel is indisputable.

Today’s “Woke” Judeo-Christian Religious Movements

The number and variety of “woke” religious movements today is both staggering and disturbing. One Christian website even refers to it as its own religion: the Religion of Wokeness. The majority of Orthodox  American Jews support President Trump and his Republican colleagues. Support for them diminishes precipitously beginning with Modern Orthodox Jews and continues downward through the Conservative (in name only), Reformed, and Reconstructionist movements. The reason for this is simple: generally speaking, the more diluted the meaning of Judaism becomes the further its adherents stray from its foundational ethic and from those who support it. One can certainly find political conservatives among the members of the liberal branches of Judaism but, embarrassingly, they are in the minority. 


The liberal branches of Judaism affectionately refer to the watering down of the practice of the religion as Pluralism. To be fair, there are practical benefits to tolerance of different systems of observance. For example, the international Jewish teen choir, HaZamir, emphasizes Pluralism during the Sabbath observance on the weekend leading up to their annual festival concert in New York City. The experiences that the teens have are quite positive ones. Speakers have also mentioned Pluralism during their speeches at the concerts and have managed to stay clear of divisive politics entirely. Sincere kudos.

However, whenever Pluralism among those branches manifests itself politically the result is invariably left-biased and inherently divisive.

To Repair the World One Must First Repair Oneself

For “woke” Jews the concept of Tikkun Olam (repair the world) has become an obsession. This much-too-often-repeated trope is frequently mentioned in a political context either explicitly or implicitly. One of many topics subsumed in Tikkun Olam is immigration. Keep in mind as you read what follows that the author’s parents came to America legally as Jewish Holocaust survivors.

This link from the website of the Jewish Community Relations Council (“JCRC”) is listed as “Review our Immigration Action Guide for Congregations.” This guide implies that everyone in a community is or should be on board with their radical leftist agenda item of offering sanctuary to illegal aliens whom they refer to as “undocumented immigrants.” The JCRC showcases this policy in lieu of doing the right thing which would be to recommend contacting the US Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (“ICE”) as patriotic American Jews would do. What if a current or potential congregant is not comfortable being complicit in breaking federal immigration laws? Are they to be shamed and spurned?

The organization that the JCRC is citing in the preceding link is the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (“HIAS”). This once noble organization used to be devoted to helping Jews escape from countries in which they were in danger. Then Obama took office and did his part to turn the Middle East into a disaster area worse than the one he inherited from George W. Bush with his ill-advised Iraq War which resulted in an emboldened Iran. (The Bush family is as much a part of the DC swamp as Obama’s and Biden’s; the only difference is a slightly more conservative approach to policy.) Obama’s feckless decisions helped turn Iraq into part of the ISIS Caliphate and Syria into a warzone resulting in a torrent of fleeing refugees. By then HIAS had become overrun with leftists who were happy to help Obama resettle a flood of culturally unassimilated Syrians in America. Our country might never recover from that decision, and this was his goal. To this day, Syria remains the most anti-Semitic country in the Arab world; teaching Jew hatred is standard in its schools.

One need only search for the term “HIAS” on the website of the Zionist Organization of America (“ZOA”) to view Morton Klein’s fact-based commentary on the litany of commonsense-bereft decisions HIAS has made since then. HIAS busies itself with worrying about people trying to get into America from Arab countries and from Mexico. Meanwhile, Jews languish in places like France where they are oppressed by migrants who came there from Syria and elsewhere in the Arab world. In lieu of any action from American Jews, Israel is taking in a great many French Jews. HIAS is also ignoring the genocide being perpetrated on Christians in Arab lands. Instead, it is hypocritically continuing to bring members of the oppressors’ culture to America rather than the members of the oppressed culture. These decisions are ethically bereft and morally indefensible.

Selective Outrage

Liberal Jews were content to sit on the sidelines while Clinton and then Obama enacted the immigration laws that President Trump inherited. They only spoke up about them once Mr. Trump took office. Pictures of children in cages produced by the leftist-complicit mainstream media (“MSM”) and used by liberal Jews against President Trump, originated during the Obama years. Selective outrage is among the most irritating aspects of leftism in America today. It is only eclipsed by projection: laying the blame at the feet of President Trump and the Republicans for the left’s own misdeeds. At the present writing, it is clear that President Trump was accused of crimes that the Biden crime family actually committed, and far worse ones at that.

Judaism v. “Jewdemism”

By process of elimination, the DNC headquarters in Washington, DC must be the Beit HaMikdash (holy temple) for willfully ignorant, elitist, leftist American Jews who practice “Jewdemism.” While they worship Hashem (God), they also blindly vote for Democrats. Doing so today is literally a form of suicide and must therefore be regarded as the worst kind of aveira (sin). They support politicians who are actively engaged in destroying Israel, Jewish life in America and abroad, and Western Civilization’s foundational Judeo-Christian ethic. When they face east to pray, it must therefore be towards the DNC headquarters, not towards the Kotel (the Western Wall in Jerusalem), for they place the now fully radicalized Democrat Party above all else: our safety, freedom, prosperity, and future. Those are all on their sacrificial altar being administered by their unholy priests Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Charles “Chuck” Schumer (whose stereotypical Jewish behavior raises the ire of real rather than imagined anti-Semitic white supremacists), Democratic Socialist and kapo Bernie Sanders, and the anti-Semitic Socialists Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, and Rashida Tlaib, to name just a few of the many traitorous lunatics who must be voted out of office lest our great republic fall. They are all arrayed to topple the greatest friend that the Jewish people in general and Israel in particular have ever had in the White House, President Donald John Trump. He is the man who wore a yarmulke while visiting the Kotel, moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem, formally acknowledged Israeli Sovereignty over the Golan Heights, speedily destroyed the ISIS caliphate and its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, righteously assassinated the world’s leading radical Islamic terrorist, Qasem Soleimani of Iran (literally the Haman of our day), brokered peace deals with Israel and both the UAE and Bahrain, and does not give the invented people known as “Palestinians” a free pass. Those who practice “Jewdemism” pine for the days of Obama and Kerry bullying Israel and enabling our enemies at home and abroad. At the present writing, the Biden/Harris ticket, which was anointed winner of the 2020 presidential election by the MSM and social media giants, threatens to do the same. Meanwhile, real Americans wait while due process is followed to investigate “alleged” (read “real”) voter fraud, such as that which was likely committed by way of the foreign-sourced Dominion vote counting system.

May Hashem have mercy on Americans who practice the religion of “Jewdemism” whose cognitive dissonance is beyond all reason and understanding. Amen. Selah.

Trump and the White Supremacist/Nazi Canard

The often-repeated canard which has appeared since before the 2016 election and ever since then that President Trump is either a white supremacist or a Nazi are totally unfounded. What short memories Americans have. Just take a look at the photo collage assembled here from when Trump was a business tycoon.

Muhammed Ali, Rosa Parks, and Donald Trump
…and here he is as President Trump.

Among other things he worked with Rev. Jesse Jackson on Rainbow/PUSH. He was awarded for his treatment of black people, not ridiculed. What changed? He ran for office as a Republican; that is all. Pictures really are worth a thousand words. 

The post-election canard push began with Trump’s words about Charlottesville intentionally being taken out of context. Biden kept the lie alive by making it the foundational reason why he ran for President in 2020 and was still repeating that lie as recently as the first Presidential Debate. The canard that Trump did not denounce white supremacism has already been thoroughly debunked; he did so multiple times, but nothing is good enough in the minds of those suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome.

As for Nazism and comparisons of Trump to Hitler, Nazis do not do all of the things mentioned in the discussion Judaism v. “Jewdemism” above. Furthermore, the premise that right-wingers rather than left-wingers are responsible for the rise of The Third Reich is incorrect. This lie is revealed in Dinesh D’Souza’s book The Big Lie: Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left. In the minds of people capable of critical thinking (i.e. not triggered liberals), comparing Trump’s brand of American exceptionalism to Adolph Hitler’s brand of country-toppling German nationalism and Aryan supremacism is wildly absurd. And yes, Hitler really was a Socialist. The shoe belongs on the other foot. Case closed, only not for leftist politicians and citizens, illegal aliens, and their puppet mouthpiece, the MSM.

Body of Christ?

Christianity has many Protestant sects with their own histories of liberal bias. “[Friedrich] Schleiermacher’s radical proposal of the early 1800s that Christianity must adapt to its cultural milieu was the first of many liberal capitulations to evolving worldviews.” It has surely done so from then until now. However, during that time many churches and even entire religious movements have managed to lose their moral compass almost entirely.

One need only look back at the post-WWII 1950s to compare the differences between American society and its churches then and now. Back then, churches were many in number and a great many Americans who identified as Christian attended church regularly. While America did have persistent and extremely serious social problems such as the terrorism of the Democrats’ Ku Klux Klan aimed at anyone who was not a white Protestant American, the segregation being forced on southern black Americans by the Democrats’ Jim Crow Laws, and the still ongoing mass extermination of black babies in America’s inner cities by the Democrats’ organization Planned Parenthood to name just a few, the majority of American citizens were on the whole a happy and thriving lot. The major contributing factors to this happiness were post-WWII patriotism and pride, and optimism and capitalism-driven suburban growth based on families with two parents of opposite sexes at the nucleus. 

Norman Rockwell
Tell us again how old fashioned American values are racist.

That society was based firmly upon the Judeo-Christian model of Ethical Monotheism. That ethic helps to define the American exceptionalism that President Trump is bravely trying to rekindle, albeit an updated version which allows for gay citizens as one of many newly accepted norms. He is working tirelessly to wrest from the hands of the Cultural Marxists who have stolen it and who are dead-set upon destroying it.

The “Wokeness” Levels of Christianity’s Sects Today

The litmus test chosen to research this topic includes liberal virtue signaling words such as the all-encompassing term “Social Justice,” also  “Black Lives Matter (‘BLM’),” and “LGBT(Q)” that are all about divisive identity politics, “Palestinians” who are included for the sake of Intersectionality, and “Undocumented Immigrants” which is the politically correct (“PC”) term for “Illegal Aliens.”

Baptist Churches USA: The Baptist sect is aligned with leftist activism. A search on the sect’s website for “Social Justice” yields 20 webpages of results. Those results predictably include preaching divisive identity politics. Those politics include the Marxist BLM organization, and LGBT(Q) people. One can find no mention of the BDS movement against Israel, but it does recognize “Palestine.” The sect is sympathetic towards illegal immigrants.

Episcopal Church: The Episcopal sect is all in on leftism. A search on the sect’s website for “Social Justice” yields 55 webpages of results. Those politics include BLM and LGBT(Q). To its credit, the Episcopal sect rejects the BDS movement against Israel. However, it also hypocritically states that areas of Biblical Israel, including Judea after whom the Jews are named, are being occupied by Jews rather than Arab “Palestinians.” The sect aids and abets illegal immigrants.

Orthodox Church in America: This sect has its collective head screwed on better than most. One can find no hint of forcing their politics on anyone.  All one can find is Jesus’ dictate to “Go into all the world and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit…” Kudos. The only disappointment comes when one searches for “Palestinians” where, unfortunately, they buy into the Pallywood/MSM narrative, but appear to have nothing against Israel; they just want peace between peoples.

Mennonite Church USA: Overtly leftist. A search on the sect’s website for  “Social Justice” yields 203 results. See the discussion of the Episcopal church above. Searches on the Mennonites’ website yielded similar results.

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America: Definitely leftist. One need only look at their webpages for Faith, Resources, and Our Work to grasp how anti-conservative and anti-Second Amendment the sect is.

United Methodist Church (Wesleyan): More leftists. A search on the sect’s website for “Social Justice” yields 147 results. See their webpages on Social Issues,  Advocating for Justice, and Racial Justice for examples. Ditto my closing comment about the Lutherans above.

Pentecostal Church: Exploring this website was surprisingly refreshing. This sect is in touch with its Jewish roots (see this article on the Jewish holidays of Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah, for example). This is in-your-face, unabashed Protestantism. However, politics is present, albeit mostly conservative rather than liberal. It is well known that Evangelical Christians Support President Trump. To remain true to the spirit of this article, the author states that this sect would also be better off choosing political neutrality over activism for the reasons cited at the outset.

Roman Catholic Church: Popes are invariably pro-life (anti-abortion). As for Pope Francis, that is where his conservative tendencies end. He is about as far left of center as a pope can get. This sect will forever be stained by the degenerate acts of pedophile priests over the course of many decades. Those were the actions of bad men; there are doubtlessly many good priests among their ranks. Thankfully, one can find righteous men such as the anti-Marxist priest, Vic Biorseth, OWM. For this the author is grateful. As much as the author agrees with the spirit of his message, like all other clergy, he should stick to religion for the sake of Catholic unity, as should all priests.

Presbyterian Church in America: This sect fares better than most in the litmus test with some exceptions, including being sympathetic towards illegal immigrants and the infamous article depicting Zionism as heresy at the root of the Middle East crisis. President Trump’s highly successful Middle East doctrine is proving the inherent falsehood of that stance.

United Church of Christ: The UCC is about as far left as a sect can get. A search on the its website for “Social Justice” yields 9,960 results. The Press Center link is overrun with leftist and anti-Conservative links. The menu Advocate For Justice contains submenus titled Take Action, Understanding the Issues, Justice Events, Justice Training Resources, Advocacy Publications & Resources, and the menu Change The World contains submenus titled Vote, and UCC Refugee Ministries. Rather than preaching divisiveness, the author urges the UCC to preach unity by way of adopting a politically neutral stance.

Jehovah’s Witnesses: This sect has an entire webpage dedicated to political neutrality. Whatever else one may feel about their way of life, including refusing blood transfusions, at least they get this right. Kudos for that. Now please stop ringing our doorbells to save our souls and kindly mind your own business. Seriously.

Mormons (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints): All one can find of liberalism exploring their website are webpages devoted to Gay and Transgender issues. Instead of focusing on identity politics, they emphasize loving and accepting individuals. They do not seem to be concerned with being an overtly political sect. Kudos.

Seventh Day Adventists: Members of this sect are famously vegetarian which is politically neutral. Exploring their website, one sees a mix of mostly conservative and a smaller number of liberal ideologies. Like the Mormons, the Adventists do not seem concerned with being an overtly political sect. Again, kudos.

Christian Scientists: This sect famously believes in healing through prayer. The world headquarters is in Boston, Massachusetts. Given its location, it comes as no surprise that this sect leans pretty far to the left. One need only look at their Praying about world issues webpage for links to articles embracing identity politics and more.

Politics-free Judaism and Christianity: Making a Seemingly Unattainable Dream a Reality

Liberals talk almost incessantly about inclusivity, but their concept of that term invariably excludes opposing conservative viewpoints in their deeds. Some talk the talk but none walk the walk. Therefore, to be truly inclusive, even liberal religious movements and houses of worship must adopt a politically neutral stance. The only time that it is necessary for any them to become politically active is in the event that a given government persecutes any of them for them simply practicing their religion. Only then does political neutrality become a bad idea and political activism a good one.

Liberal rabbis like to cite how Conservative Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel walked alongside Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. for racial justice to justify their leftist activism today. Far be it from me to state that any American is not free to protest whatever cause they choose as long as they do so peaceably. However, I feel that both of those   clergymen should have represented themselves as American individuals who happen to be men of faith. Clergy should never drag congregants along with them into such a fight. If congregants wish to attend a protest then they should likewise do so as individuals rather than as part of a congregation. Such battles are best left for the secular world.

There is one important caveat, however. Some of our Christian friends might not like this, but reality is reality. From its inception at Mount Sinai, Judaism has been the embodied a nation (Am Yisrael) whose people practice a common religion. Other than the Vatican which is another matter altogether for Catholics (it is their headquarters not their homeland), the writer is not aware of another people on the face of the earth for whom this is the case. This means that any and all authentic pro-Israel action is permissible in all branches of Judaism and in their houses of worship (having an in-house Israel Action Committee, etc.). On the other hand, party politics should be strenuously avoided. It is a tightrope to be sure, but one well worth walking. One more thing, the word “Jew” (Yehudi) comes from the area that liberals and the MSM call “The West Bank” (a term which was coined by the former colonialist power, Jordan) otherwise known as Judea (and Samaria). Exactly who is occupying whose land?

Liberal religious movements must be made to understand their fundamentally divisive ways and persuaded to abandon them for their own sake (their economic bottom line and membership numbers) and for the sake of their congregations (to eschew alienation and resentment). The same is true for conservative Jewish and Christian sects.

Sanctuaries in all houses of worship should be politics-free zones. No one should be made to feel as though he or she does not belong in any chapel anywhere. This seems to the writer to be a statement of both fact and common sense. That anything else is the case today is at best perplexing and at worst shameful. Spiritual leaders of congregations should strive to deliver inspiring and truly inclusive sermons rather than ones that sew divisiveness between congregants.

Furthermore, all religious movements and houses of worship should be politically neutral in every conceivable way for the compelling reasons which have already been twice cited in the present article. Clergy and congregants today worry about their respective religions and houses of worship being thought of as quaint, or worse, as irrelevant to the times in which we live. What leftwing religious activists (and, to be fair, rightwing Jews and Evangelical Christians) do not seem to grasp is that one can talk about current events and still avoid mentioning politics altogether. It all comes down to how one decides to frame one’s words. It is easy if only the guilty religious sects would try. The writer throws down the proverbial gauntlet saying, “I dare you not only to try but to succeed,” and consistently so.

All social activities, educational classes, educational materials, and symbols present in houses of worship must be made to be politically neutral. Divisive rainbow flags are off limits. Bring back Old Glory, a symbol of what unites us, and in the case of Jewish houses of worship, the flag of the State of Israel is always fine. Any ethnic-centric Christian sect may proudly display politically neutral symbols of their cultural heritage. Having Greek cultural symbols present in American Greek Orthodox churches only makes sense. The same is true for Russian Orthodox churches, etc.

Jews may always talk openly about the facts surrounding the Holocaust. Likewise, Armenians may always talk openly about the facts surrounding the Genocide perpetrated upon their people by the Turks. Again, this is just common sense. Talking about the current Democrat v. Republican campaigns? Just say no. This is also common sense.

Lastly on this topic, there is no problem whatsoever with a group such as the Republican Jewish Coalition, for example, nor any other Jewish or Christian groups of this sort, because they are explicitly about politics not prayer, and are gathering apart from congregations. Again, this is common sense.

The World’s Religions by the Numbers – Highest to Lowest

The following figures come from Christianity (2.2 billion people), Islam (1.6 billion people), Hinduism, (1 billion people), Buddhism (500 million people), Sikhism (23 million people), Judaism (14 million people).

Christianity: It is not surprising that this is the world’s major religion, mainly because of the historically proselytizing nature of certain sects. Christian Missionaries were and are the chief protagonists involved in it. Christianity’s hands are also unclean when it comes to its history of persecuting people who did not convert.

Islam: One could write an entire book devoted to Political Islam let alone an article. The writer is grateful, therefore, that one man has made it his life’s work to document how the politics of world domination by way of a global caliphate are inseparable from religion in Islam. Visit the link above to view the website of and order books by Dr. Bill Warner, President of the Center for the Study of Political Islam International. Dr. Warner is the world’s foremost authority on Political Islam. Islam is the poster child for why politics and religion do not mix. Since its inception ca. 700 AD, 270 million people have been killed in the name of Islam. Its doctrine, the Quran, guarantees a perpetual state of war until the dar al-harb (the territories of war – non-Islamic regions of the world) have fallen to the dar al-Islam (the territories of Islam). The dar al-sulh (the territories of treaty) are therefore to be regarded temporary steppingstones on the road to world domination and the realization of the dar al-Islam.

Hinduism: A look at the goings on of this ancient religion in relation to politics yields mixed results. This is because it is not an organized religion, but rather a collection of disparate sects that share a core belief system. Upon searching online for results regarding how “woke” Hinduism is or is not, one sees a mix of both neutrality and activism. If anything, one sees the conservative yearning for a Hindu “state.” See the piece Hindus in America for a recent sampling of related articles. Searching these results caused the writer to refocus on the fact that the politicization of religions is an issue that cuts both ways, meaning that politicians will need to be weaned off of speaking at churches and temples. One article discusses how both Donald Trump and Joe Biden “wooed” the Hindu vote. Religious movements and congregations should not invite political figures to speak as a part of their regular activities. But the hypothetically named groups “Democratic Hindus of America” and “Republican Hindus of America” can. Such “wooing” should really take place in secular locations such as hotel ballrooms.

Buddhism: This ancient and venerable religion has, for the most part, always been politically active. Given the cerebral nature of Buddhism, this writer finds this fact revealing and at the same time confusing, perhaps even contradictory. When one reads the text of the preceding linked article one understands when, where, and why politics intersected with Buddhism. Still, since this religion stresses one striving to achieve nirvana, a preoccupation with the day-to-day affairs of political life seems to this writer to rub up against it. That said, no civilized human being should consider him or herself isolated from the world to the point of being unaware of or uninvolved with the civic life around them. Yet, when one reads of the historical figures called “priest-warriors” that article mentions, this writer asserts that arguably it had been taken too far. That article also mentions the disturbing presence of far leftism in the movement today. Its presence is never a good thing anywhere at any time, so clearly the main thrust of the present article also pertains to Buddhism.

Judaism: The demographic figures for Judaism above really catch one’s eye. Jews make up a very small percentage of the world’s population and yet they have a profound effect on it in so many ways. That is because it is, for all intents and purposes, the conscience of the world, the canary in the proverbial poisoned cave, having given the world the gift of the foundational ethic of Western Civilization. So many Jews have made an impact on the history and current events of the world that it gives fodder to the canard about Jews controlling the world. Do not hate Jews for being over-achievers. When a people has been attacked as much as the Jews have been, the evolutionary psychological impact of the depression and anxiety caused by that persecution inevitably manifests itself in certain survival-based personality traits including being over-achievers. Long ago, Jews were an agrarian people. As society changed so did the Jews. They became mostly urban dwellers and professionals. Intelligence is a virtue not a vice, just so long as it is used for good (Golda Meir) and not for evil (Bernie Madoff). Jews, repair yourselves, Judaism next (for liberal Jews have broken it), and then the world after that.

More of the World’s Religions by the Numbers – Roughly Highest to Lowest

Falun Dafa (or Falun Gong) (Chinese – 3–100 million people [this vast number spread is due to numbers provided by official Communist Chinese sources who deny the legitimacy of this sect as compared to numbers provided by its adherents – the writer sides with its adherents): The bedrock principles of this sect are truthfulness, compassion, and tolerance. This explains why the Communist Chinese government persecutes them so: the Marxist leaders of the government can only view such a philosophy as an existential threat to its existence. The writer gives a political pass to this sect in China on the basis that it is currently being systematically persecuted. Such a pass has already been foreshadowed earlier in the present article. As for American practitioners, etc., they should avoid the domestic Democrat v. Republican trap and frankly stick to helping their brothers and sisters in distress in the Motherland as it is an existential emergency.

Sikhism (Indian – 23 million people): To be sure, while there is pragmatism to be found in this religious sect, unfortunately, like so many others, Sikhism is corrupted by the American brand of leftism: Cultural Marxism. American gurus need to consider the present argument against exhibiting this sort of behavior as it is unbecomingly exclusionary.

Taoism: (Chinese – 20 million people): From the meditative people who seek to live in harmony with the world and with the universe, and who gave us the concept of yin and yang (good and evil), one sees mixed signals from its adherents regarding Taoism’s relationship to politics. For example, one finds this article which claims that philosopher Lau Tzu’s foundational texts were fundamentally anarchistic. After further study, however, the article with which the writer is the most taken is this one that interprets Lau Tzu’s foundational texts in a completely opposite way, one that espouses small government and personal liberty because big government is too intrusive. The smaller a government is the less likely it is to interfere with one’s personal pursuits including one’s religious beliefs and practices. Does this sound familiar?

Confucianism (Chinese – 5–6 million people): In researching this sect, the writer finds that this article about Confucianism and politics from its early days through the present time is a particularly astute one. One notes the emphasis upon an elitist class among the sect’s leaders. (The present-day American Democrat party comes to mind, only politically speaking, of course.). This article also has some merits, though the closer it comes to our time the more it resorts to social relativism to make its case. One finds more of an argument for the case that Confucianism is a liberal philosophy than against it. At least the first article cited in this discussion devotes a paragraph to how the core texts of this sect, the Analects of Confucius, can be viewed through a politically conservative lens, albeit a viewpoint that is somewhat disparaged by the article’s author. Confucianism is embraced by the leaders of Communist China. I rest my case on this one, politically speaking. Like all philosophies, however, one should not throw out the baby with the bathwater. To be sure, this is a rich, ancient tradition with inner virtue, morality, and respect for the community and its values as its core tenets, and thus has much to offer in the way of life lessons. Just beware of the pitfalls that make Red China embrace it.

Baha’i (Iranian – 5–7 million people): This Abrahamic religion found many refuges outside of Iran in the diaspora. Its peaceful ways are rejected by the Islamic Republic of Iran who persecute Baha’i’s remaining adherents there to this day. The writer sympathizes with their plight in a similar way to the plight of the Falun Dafa of China. Whether religious persecution is a result of the atheism of Chinese Communism or the inherent intolerance of Islam, the result is the same, and this sect gets another political pass from the writer. In studying Baha’i’, the author is struck by how this sect’s adherents endeavor to eschew partisan politics and stress what unites us as human beings. While that is a fundamentally politically conservative attitude, true to form, Baha’i’ also contradicts this in striving  to create a world dominated by globalism in which a number of spiritually enlightened individuals peacefully rule over the entire enterprise,  ushering in an eternal era of world peace and an end to war and strife. In this writer’s article The Abject Stupidity of Politicized Schools (part of the “Abject Stupidity” trilogy which includes the present article and The Abject Stupidity of Politicized Corporations), appears the following statement: “10,000–40,000 years sounds like a reasonable timeframe to me for humankind to even consider attempting a venture that massive. It took about that long for our species to evolve as far as it has from our days as cave-dwellers. The leap from our still primitive socioeconomic, political, and ethical state of mental evolution to the one required to operate a functional, incorruptible, global government requires at least as much if not more evolution, irrespective of our dazzling technological achievements.” Until all of mankind evolves sufficiently to permanently eschew corruption, realistically speaking, such a dream will continue to remain out of reach.

Jainism (Indian – 4 million people): This peaceful, spirituality-centric philosophy is actually a non-religious sect because it explicitly denounces the notion of a creator-god. It chooses instead to focus its energies upon the attainment of absolute bliss through the attainment of absolute knowledge (a tall order for a mere mortal, to be sure). Death is looked upon as just another stage of life after which one’s soul reincarnates itself in other lifetimes until it reaches its own state of bliss. As this is not a religion so much as a spiritual practice, the thrust of the present article is rather moot in relation to it. They can pretty much do what they want or not politically.

Shintoism (Japanese – 3–4 million people): The traditional religion of Japan, this polytheistic sect focuses upon what it calls “The Four Affirmations”: 1) tradition and family: one’s family is the foundation for preserving one’s traditions; 2) love of nature: nature is held sacred; 3) ritual purity: ritual bathing is done to spiritually and physically cleanse oneself before entering a house of prayer to worship the “kami,” a divine power that is found in all things; and 4) Matsuri: the act of worshipping and honoring the gods and the spirits of one’s ancestors. The vast majority of Japanese people practice Shintoism in one way or another. As stated in this article, “Nearly every aspect of Japanese culture incorporates Shinto beliefs whether its politics, ethics, the arts, sports, or spirituality.” Once again, it seems that the thrust of the present article is more or less moot when it comes to this religious sect as politics have never been regarded as separate from it. For example, in studying Shintoism, one discovered how its imperialistic tendencies are intertwined with how Japan’s leaders understood certain events leading up to the bombing of Pearl Harbor to be humiliating enough to necessitate a warrior’s response.


Leftwing and rightwing politics and Western and certain Eastern religions simply do not mix. The results when they do so on a large scale are often catastrophic and, when they do so on a small scale, the results are invariably exclusionary and humiliating to those who believe differently than does the majority in charge. Leave partisan politics and all politically charged discussions for the social hall of your temple or church where they rightfully belong and leave all political activism to each individual apart from your religious movements and houses of worship. Practice complete rather than selective inclusion, and stop the hypocrisy now, not later.

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